Follow these steps to complete your Web site:

1. Customize your pages to change the text and add any images you want. All of your personal site's files are displayed in the Site Editor window which is now open. Your home page is called index.htm. Double-click a page to open it in Edit Page mode.

2. Consolidate the files that make up your site by clicking the Consolidate button on the Site Editor toolbar. Consolidating will copy images or other content files you have used from other folders and place them in your site folder. Any references to this content will be updated automatically to ensure that none of your media is missing when you upload your site to a web server.

3. Upload your site to a web server by clicking the Upload button. To use the Upload feature, make sure your computer network supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and that your Web server account settings are specified completely. For more information on setting FTP options and uploading your pages, refer to "Uploading your pages to a server" in online Help or Chapter 12 of the Claris Home Page User's Guide. You can delete this instructional file (read_me.htm) so that it is not uploaded with the other pages in your site.

-- if you change the filenames of the documents created by this assistant, you must edit your links using the Link Editor and reference the new filenames.