Derrick Newman

Year of Birth: 1979
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Carpenter's Apprentice

For the past three years I have been working in the construction industry. I recently completed my second year of carpentry training at BCIT. I am working as a carpenters apprentice with Hillside Development in Vancouver, BC. I have been fortunate to work on prestigious residences in France, Sidney, BC and Vancouver. Along the way I worked in a custom cabinet factory in Vancouver.

My experience includes framing, formwork, stair construction, scaffold assembly, lumber and concrete estimating, use and maintenance of standard power tools and other required skills of the trade.

I grew up in Sidney, BC and graduated with a major in Art at Parkland High School in 1997. In my teens my main interests were Art, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Rugby, Karate and Guitar playing. I worked at several part time jobs (mainly in restaurants) while in high school and for a year after graduating. In 1998 I traveled to Australia where I learned to scuba dive and surf. After a short return trip home, I spent a year traveling in Europe where I supported myself by working as a cook in a London restaurant and as a carpenter's helper in France. In the French Alps I worked with a a very experienced Irish carpenter who was hired to oversee the renovation of a celebrity's ski chalet. He instilled in me an appreciation of carpentry as an art form.

In December 2000, I decided that carpentry was the career path I would pursue and returned home to Sidney where I was immediately hired as a carpenter's helper with Ocean View Construction. I soon realized that I needed to take more training and get into an apprenticeship program in order to become a journeyman carpenter. I enrolled in the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Entry Level Trades Carpentry Training program in the Spring of 2001. After graduating at the top of my class in October 2001, I was hired by my current employer Hillside Development as an apprentice.

At Hillside Development I have been working on an estate that has been under construction for six years. The site imposes architectural, engineering and construction challenges on a level that few residential builders ever experience. Having worked on the site for a year, I know that the experiences I gain from this job will give me an excellent foundation for my future in the construction industry.

For recreation I prefer outdoor activities like snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, scuba diving, surfing and running. I also enjoy martial arts, playing the guitar, drawing, and reading.

In the past I was co-founder and chairman of the of the S.W.A.T. Society, a youth organization that was formed to represent the youth of Sidney on the Town Council. S.W.A.T. spearheaded fundraising amounting to over $30,000 to build a Skate-Park in Sidney. I volunteered time and labour to help design and construct the Skate-Park over a three year period. I also co-founded a band R.P.A. that created original songs, performed at concerts, fund raising events and recorded a CD that received air play on local radio stations. In Vancouver I have been volunteering time to Homes for Humanity, an organization dedicated to building affordable housing for low income families.

Over the years I have realized how lucky I am to have grown up in a small, close knit community like Sidney. Through the urgings of my family, teachers and friends I have explored things that I was curious about and done things I felt strongly about. Through their comments and feed back I feel very good about my lifestyle choices and my career path.

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