We Build Wireless Networks:

Top ten reasons to choose wireless network services


  1. 1.Reduced deployment time & costs

  2. 2.More bandwidth for the money

  3. 3.Your own secure private network for mobile employees & remote management

  4. 4.Wireless “hot-spots” for your convenience and to attract customers

  5. 5.Better network flexibility and scaleability

  6. 6.Setup temporary networks for special events, construction sites, emergency services, etc.

  7. 7.Quickly deploy and expand video security systems

  8. 8.Reduced cost of ownership compared to leased services

  9. 9.Easily move and reconfigure equipment for expansion

  10. 10.Increase productivity while reducing costs


Full Domain Services:

We make it easy for YOU to setup a

web-site on the Internet....... check it out

We know it can be complicated and intimidating to setup websites and make use of all the great features the Internet has to offer.

We have teamed up with a leading domain hosting company to offer you the ability to search the world’s registry of domain (website) names. If you find a name that you would like to register for your world wide web presence, you can do so in less than 5 minutes.

Once you own a domain name, you can associate it with your website and host it on your own servers. Or you can create one in a very short time using our online tools and hosting service. That makes setting up and managing things like E-mail, “@your.domain”, photo albums blogs and other cool features a snap... learn more